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Boat Repair

Here you will find service providers in all areas of boat repair and maintenance. We have professionals qualified to perform engine work, electrical, plumbing, detailing, storage, winterizing and anything else you require. We provide direct access to a distinct set of pros with their eyes on all of your boating needs. Wherever you may be when your hour of need arises, you are a few clicks away from your solution without the need for research or referrals.


In the realm of boating products, you will find listings here for companies selling boats, parts, gear, clothing, wakeboards, surfing, scuba equipment and more. Whether you're looking for repair specific parts, or just out to buy fun things, Hook's List has you covered.


Here, you will find providers who can train you in activities above, or under, the water. This includes activities like boating safety courses, captain’s training and certification, open-water boat handling, deckhand, GPS for mariners, sailing, boats and kids, navigation, waterskiing, scuba and other courses that will enhance your boating life or help you in your career goals.


And of course, we have listings and advice on fun activities to add a nice touch to your vacation. Business listings for activities like wakeboarding, parasailing, fishing, scuba diving, jet skiing and tubing can be found here. There is an amazing array of great activities for all people, whether experienced on the water or not. Finding the best one for you is just a short hop on Hook's list.